Aircraft acquisition is often a hurdle for prospective buyers. With that in mind, the Vaerus Sales division  operates as an integral piece of our mission. We utilize our market knowledge to serve as your Broker and take you through the full process. Our goal is to bring the human relationship into the process, make it simple, make it reliable and make sure you get the right aircraft for your needs, at the right price.


We start with a discovery process to determine your specific aircraft needs. No two buyers are alike and we help match your needs with available airplanes.  The next step is a Market Analysis, which provides data on the current environment including the speed of sales, pricing evaluation and true market value. We provide you with our recommendations and facilitate negotiations.


The fact is, we love aircraft, and we love to fly and manage them.ᅠ Our passion is your asset. General Aviation is a great freedom and we recognize that many individuals will choose to own and fly their own aircraft. If you plan to manage your aircraft personally, we still offer our Brokerage services giving you access to our expertise, Market Analysis and negotiations. When you use our resources you will have access to a wider scope of options and finalize the deal at the right price.


Of course, we also are happy when acquisition is the first step in our relationship with you. Your aircraft has value, and we are here to retain it. Our Aircraft Management division extends beyond industry standards to include guaranteed pilot availability, flight log reporting, maintenance and tracking, flight scheduling, full travel itinerary planning and training. Proper maintenance, documentation, annual usage and how the Owner/Operator chooses to have the aircraft managed, all offer the opportunity for the asset to retain value against the market.


At Vaerus, we are different and we like it.


Aircraft Management is more than the day-to day-operation. We view our work as lifecycle management, from acquisition to sale. Buy the correct aircraft, manage it well, and sell knowing you received the best utility for the dollar out of the asset.


Your aircraft will ultimately be sold, and the Vaerus Sales team uses our knowledge of the market, to position the aircraft to be desired against the competition. Our reputation is powerful in the market and aircraft managed by Vaerus sell faster than industry average and draw market value.


No matter where you are in the world, Vaerus Sales is prepared to assist you through aircraft acquisition. Don’t leave this size of asset purchase to just anyone—Vaerus provides service beyond expectation.



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