Vaerus Aircraft Management guarantees current, qualified, duty rested pilots, ready for your trip.  With our Chief Pilot managing your staff of pilots, when a pilot is in required annual Flight Safety recurrent training, is on vacation, or has become ill, your aircraft will still be staffed and ready. We internalize pilot management, opening the door to 365 days per year pilot availability.  We are ready to fly.



One monthly, itemized bill with simple accounting records for aircraft operation translates to a single monthly financial transaction for all your aircraft-related expenses. Complete Accounting Services, Flight Log Reporting, Cescom Administration, Maintenance Tracking, Pilot Training, Travel Planning, Maintenance, Airframe Plan and Engine Plan Management provided as a comprehensive service.



Vaerus holds a Fleet Insurance policy for your aircraft through our A+ rated insurance carrier, providing two major benefits: a significant discount on your premium in concurrence with more substantial insurance coverage for your aircraft than you could purchase elsewhere.



We are experts in all maintenance tracking systems (Avtrak, CAMP, Duncan Tracker) and we maintain relationships with FAA certified repair stations and Factory Service Centers.  Managing, tracking and maintaining your aircraft is a tremendous task, not only for the short term operation of your aircraft, but for the long term asset value retention and ultimate sale of the asset.  Proper maintenance, tracking and timing all affect your aircraft value.



Operational savings begin with detailed scheduling and trip organization in advance of and throughout the trip. Airport choices are analyzed based on a multitude of factors, including reduction of your fuel cost and airport fees with balanced proximity to destination. Our schedulers organize the flight data and passenger information to prepare a concise itinerary of flight times, FBO selection, arrival itineraries, and passenger transportation confirmations for distribution to your team. Scheduling data is maintained to ensure proper records are prepared and maintained in accordance with FAA and IRS reporting requirements for demonstrating accurate business and personal usage of your business asset.


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