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What does it cost to fly an estimated 100 nautical miles at 16,000 feet on approach to your home airport in Topeka, KS as opposed to a higher approach, say to cross over Kansas City from the east at 16,000 feet instead of 16,000 feet 35 miles east of Kansas City as what was once required?  The answer is about $300!  At Vaerus Aviation, we're more than here to manage the books, maintenance, and fly your airplane, we're an advocate of efficient operation.  Vaerus Aviation organized a meeting between the ARTCC and Approach Controllers at Kansas City International Airport to come to a resolution on the long-time practice of lowering Topeka bound aircraft to 16,000 feet 35 nautical miles east of Kansas City and changed that to cross the MCI VOR at 16,000 feet allowing for a more natural glide path into Topeka.  We are based in Topeka, and crossing 35 nautical miles east of Kansas City was costing our clients a significant amount of money per year to no benefit of their own.  Thanks to our Vice President and Direction of Operations, Patrick Traul, this cost impeding flow pattern has been changed to benefit our clients coming home to Topeka from the east saving literally thousands of dollars to our clients annually.  Another example of Vaerus Aviation being true Aviation Management, beyond the standard practice of simple Aircraft Management.  We ask the questions, and find the answers, in an effort to better your experience, and improve General Aviation.  Advocates of the industry and and advocates for you!

Since our meeting at ZKC in late January there has been a test of the proposed change to the LOA in progress.


The test procedure was made part of the LOA on 6/17/14!


Craig Calvert will be in charge of the FOE/MCI LOA from now on.


Previously approaching from the east we would have to cross 35 east of MCI at 16000.  Now we will be crossing LEXIN between FL250 and FL320, and MCI at 16000 dorect OZAKI.  The sooner we get to 6000 west of MCI the sooner we can get direct destination.


This is a significant acheivement and will be saving our clients thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs.  It also keeps us out of the weather longer and leads to better rides.




COPYRIGHT 2015 Vaerus Aviation, Inc.  6410 SE Forbes Ave., Suite 2 Topeka, KS 66619   P: (785) 246-5403   E: