Ben has a detailed and accomplished past in aviation experience with 21 years of at the State of Arizona, 5 of which was flying a King Air for the United States Government.  Furthermore, Ben spent two years in Latin America and three years in Afghanistan as a contract pilot for the United States Government.  Ben is fluent in Spanish, loves to travel, and is an avid history buff.  Ben’s favorite life experience was the birth of his children. When he is on the road and free of duties, he’ll likely go find a historic place to check off the “life’s to do list” list. Being on the road and enjoying history offers Ben the opportunity to easily pursue his favorite hobby, photography. Having one or two cameras with him at any given time; its’ an easy hobby to excel at, and carry a lifetime of memories considering the amount of travel domestically and international he’s done, which is awesome.  Professionally, Ben holds a multitude of Qualifications and Certificates; he’s typed in the Boeing 737, Hawker HS125, Citation 500, King Air 350.  He has over 9300 hours of Total Time, 8200 of which is Pilot in Command.


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