Vaerus Aviation began in 2007 the same way so many companies do, with a handshake and an understanding lending a growing relationship between one pilot, one client, and a Beechcraft Bonanza.  Word quietly spread about the exceptional service and additional operators requested the level of service provided by Vaerus, growing the company.  During our first seven years of business, we were known as Flight Management Group, but In 2014 we adopted a name that reflects our core values, a Latin root word Vearus, translating to real, true, right and proper, was modified slightly and we became the unique company we are today, Vaerus Aviation.


In July of 2014 Vaerus Aviation received the International Standard of Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) certification, making Vaerus Aviation part of an elite group of only 716 aviation companies globally holding the accreditation.  IS-BAO was developed by the International Aviation Business Council as a code of best practices designed to help flight departments achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.  The certification acknowledges that Vaerus Aviation adheres to a significantly higher standard of excellence, exceptional level of safety, and efficiency.


Our genuine care for the customer, the dedication to our safety culture, the substantial effort that goes into preparing and conducting each flight, the authenticity and sincerity of our employees’ character and an honest love for aviation forms the identity of Vaerus Aviation.  Rapidly growing
to be one of the largest aircraft management companies in Kansas, we have expanded outside of Topeka to a second base of operation in Sarasota, Florida, a third base of operation in Manhattan, KS with additional bases of operation slated to open.




Vaerus Aircraft Management extends beyond standard aircraft management services. We consider guaranteed pilot availability, flight log reporting, maintenance tracking, pilot staffing and training, flight scheduling and full travel itinerary planning to be the minimum standard.  Vaerus Aviation is with you on every journey, seeing to your safety, simplifying the finer details, improving the private jet experience and lowering your operating cost.







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Vaerus Aviation, Inc.

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The founder of Vaerus Aviation, Brooks Pettit, began his legacy in
aviation as a child, a 3rd generation pilot having flown the iconic DC-3 aircraft with his father, and received his first type rating in the venerable DC-3.  The DC-3 model of ingenuity and grace, construction and elegance, mixed with it’s utility and dependability lends its personality and character to that of Vaerus Aviation.  You will find respect of the DC-3 aircraft highlighted as the Vaerus Aviation logo, a visible reminder to the respect we have for aviation past, present, and future.  It is building on the foundation of this great aviation symbol that visually articulates our dedication to an ethical, honest, strong-hearted business model.


Vaerus Aviation operates on two fundamental core practices within our business model that are aircraft acquisition and sales, and comprehensive aircraft management.  Within each of those core practices, Vaerus has placed exceptionally talented individuals in leadership roles throughout the company, from primary evaluation of the business need for an aircraft, market analysis and acquisition process, pilot operations and scheduling, ownership and management, and the ultimate sale of the aircraft. Our DC-3 business model is very simple: Provide exemplary service to our clients, for a better value, with more convenience and poise than with an alternative.


2014 was a big year for Vaerus Aviation and marked a substantial step forward for us.  In July of 2014 we received our International Standard of Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) certification, making Vaerus Aviation part of a small elite group of only 716 aviation companies globally to have the accreditation, only four of which are in the State of Kansas to include Cessna, and Hawker Beechcraft.  The discrete recognition received by IS-BAO acknowledges Vaerus Aviation’s adherence to a significantly higher standard of excellence, exceptional level of safety, and efficiency.  Vaerus Aviation looks eagerly into 2015, continuously strengthening our core, and surpassing aviation milestones one DC-3 embodied goal at a time.



As an IS-BAO accredited operator, Vaerus Aviation has a demonstrated commitment to your safety. In order to achieve the strictest standard of compliance, we utilize a safety management system to assess and mitigate risk. Before taking flight, our pilots scrutinize each flight and ascertain an overall risk level based upon multiple variables. After calculating a flight’s overall risk value, they then determine which compounding factors can be eliminated, increasing the operational safety.


Our comprehensive pre-flight risk assessment process ensures strict adherence to international aviation safety standards and provides management oversight when necessary. Our proactive approach to safety reaches beyond flight operations to include highly structured processes for workplace hazard identification and reporting in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.


At Vaerus Aviation, your safety is unquestionably our first priority.





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